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63-108 Woodhaven Blvd
(Woodhaven Blvd. Between Fleet Ct. & 64th Rd)
Rego Pk, NY 11375
(718) 997-6462
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Top reviews from seamless.com

| 5 ratings | 6 reviews »
    We are very pleased with the quality of food. They give you great quantities for your money.huge PRO! Delivery was under an hour. Food was warm. All food was packaged well. SOME INDIAN RESTAURANTS DON'T CARE IF YOUR FOOD HAS LEAKED FROM THEIR CONTAINERS. THIS PLACE IS DIFFERENT. THEY CARE THAT YOU HAVE WELL PACKAGED FOOD! Big PRO! Con: the paneer (cottage cheese) in the palak paneer is dense. Maybe that's a different style. But all the times I ate this dish in all my years living in India, the paneer was soft (like tofu in consistency). I am unsure of the dessert because I am not sure if $3 is for one round ras Malai or gulab jamun or for 3? If it is only for one, I won't pay that much.
    Written by Katy R. on 8/23/2013 | 1 other reviews | Member since 2011
    Katy R. ordered from here over a year ago.
    Chicken vindaloo is awesome. All the breads are amazing but the poori is a bit too oily to stay good for delivery. My boyfriend loved the homemade cheese and mild gravy. Whatever the chopped tomato side that comes with delivery is please make it a triple next time.
    Written by Johanna N. on 5/20/2013 | 1 other reviews | Member since 2013
    Johanna N. ordered from here over a year ago.
    Good food. Large portions! The lamb was very tender and tasty.
    Written by Mallon K. on 2/5/2013 | 1 other reviews | Member since 2012
    Mallon K. ordered from here over a year ago.
    Portions are huge; can easily feed two. The chicken tikka masala was one of the best we've ever tasted, creamy and delicious. The lamb saag we ordered was a little salty but still tasty, and the lamb chunks were tender and satisfying. The naan was very large, too. can't wait to try the rest of the menu!
    Written by Yolette N. on 6/4/2012 | 10 other reviews | Member since 2012
    Yolette N. ordered from here within the last year.